My Approach

You are a living breathing organism; you have more in common with nature than with a machine. You constantly move through cycles of harmony, disharmony, and repair. This is living. This is healing. And it is through these phases of order and chaos that we transform and grow.

I dedicate myself to the practices that expand my experience of being alive. I accompany people in their healing journey. I understand healing as both living and growing; therefore, inherent to the human experience. In our work together, my client and or clients and I craft a practice that will benefit their unique needs.

I promote possibility even as one learns to accept inevitable limitations. As long as we are alive, we have choice; therefore, we can change and engage with our life in creative ways. We can always undo old ways, regardless of the dedication and effort required, and learn new ways.

Participation is Satisfying

The rewards of this work are priceless and although personal they are universal. I believe we are all social beings, need and want connection, and have a deep desire to thrive. A process of inner discovery, healing, opens us to a world beyond our past or habitual defenses. Paradoxically – and often simultaneously – our insights point us in the direction of our blockages or disowned pain.

I find the countless promises available that create an illusion damaging. Such ideas that we can control life, account for every experience we’ll have, or make some aspects of living and experiencing wrong. The best we can do is teach ourselves and others to be intimate and relational. To practice empathy, be accountable, and learn from vulnerability. We can become reflexive and responsive.

When we realize our freedom to choose, we recognize we are resourceful enough to direct our effort in creative, discerning, and wise ways. Accepting that change requires effort and tolerating the unknown is easier said than done. This may not be seen as “marketable” – a big confusion and empty promise that social media is savvy at selling – but there is an immense difference between quick fixes and transformation. The latter is sustainable and substantial; it is deeply settling and rewarding.

Expansion is a byproduct of growth that becomes stimulated by our daring to question and feel. The answers to our questions often do not come immediately, at other times we find our question has no answer. This is something we find terrifying, but I’m here to offer you a new perspective, it is a way for you to regain curiosity, open to your life and be available to it, and embrace your hunger for constant growth and change. Your awareness awakens you to the process that is being alive and is your ally as you unlearn conditioned ways of automatic thinking and acting. You can become more flexible, authentic, resourceful, and even relaxed. Teachable again.

With deep care, I support clients in their unique journey. I teach clients to love themselves. Through our work we come up with skills that are unique and relevant to the individual. No matter the circumstance, we can benefit from building a healthier self-esteem, heal relational shame, and learn more about how our boundaries shift from too rigid to non-existent. Learning to feel and communicate our needs clearly is a great skill. It empowers us and impacts our lives and the lives of those around us.

Jorja Rivero

Jorja Rivero, has masters in Social Work from NYU, an LMSW, completed a four year clinical program at The Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy (2003-2007) and is currently completing training in Relational Life Therapy. She taught yoga for many years and teaches guided meditation inspired from the practices she trained in. Jorja’s passionate love for her work is undeniable. Her genuine care & interest are palpable and present. She encourages individual exploration & discovery that heal the mind and body connection. She embraces the complexity of the human experience and provides experiential guidance. Her ability to be directive and kind are an invitation to meet head and heart on the space of possibility and expansion.

Jorja works individually with clients, does couple’s work, group work, and offers workshops.

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